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Realtors Marketing

Some Realtor Names, Headshots and associating information have been changed for privacy purposes.

Marketing Department


My role as a designer at Beacham & Company, Realtors was to help enhance the brand of the company through print and digital marketing. My tasks were also to assist individual Realtors with their branding and advertisement of homes as they pursued clients in the real estate market of the Greater Atlanta Area.

Company Marketing Print Pieces

Social Media Card: We wanted to create a unique 4x4 business card/handout. We wanted to create a gateway to increase traffic to the social media and give clients the opportunity to see how their home may potentially be marketed and showcase the photography the company offers clients.

Jaguar Ad: A composite image I created using photographs of actual company homes on the market. This was used to pitch a collaboration with Jaguar for a company annual event. 

FB Engagement: A monthly infographic created to show where we stood as a company against competitors in social media engagement.

Company & Realtor E-Blasts

A variety of e-blasts created for agents to either introduce themselves into the field, help marketing their listed homes and send customized seasonal newsletter emails to clients in the area. 

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